Are you worried or anxious
about birth?

Join me and I’ll teach you how to have a Fearless Birth.

This was me just after birth, perfectly happy and with my gorgeous boy… 12hrs before it was a very different story……

I myself didn’t have the best experience with my childbirth, and afterwards that got me thinking, how could i have made this better. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited but the nerves kicked in pretty soon as I started to think about birth and how this baby was actually going to come out of me!

I went to pregnancy yoga classes which were great for my physical body but did nothing for my mind and birth education. My husband and I went to the hospital Antenatal classes which in fact made me more fearful as they told me all about the drugs on offer and the instruments like forceps they would use to get my baby out of me. 

I read several books on giving birth, but none of them portrayed the experience in a positive light. Instead, they presented it as a medical procedure that often resulted in complications and even a need for a C-section. This narrative triggered the FEAR in me, as I had hoped for a natural birth.

So I buried my head in the sand and told myself don’t read anymore just wing it and all will be fine, I mean the Doctors and midwives know what they are doing I’m in safe hands. And yes I was in safe hands BUT

I went for a routine appointment two days before my due date and I casually said I haven’t had time to stop and feel baby move as I’ve been so busy moving house (yes I know I’m crazy moving at this time!) and before I know it me and my Mum were hurried out of the door and sent over to the hospital for a scan. All fine as yes I wanted to be safe but what happened next I didn’t realise I had the power to control. 

Everything was fine as the scan showed and my baby were perfectly safe, happy and moving. I was then told to come back in the next day at 2pm in the afternoon for an induction. But why? Baby was fine I was fine so why was I being induced? I didn’t think to query this as I had been told by the Doctor the man in the white coat that this was going to happen so I just followed suit. It didn’t even occur to me what was happening as no one explained it (but then again I didn’t ask any questions as I didn’t know what to ask or that I had the right to query it)

So I went in and was induced. The induction took its time which I later found out is totally normal if baby isn’t ready to be born. So my waters were broken. I didn’t have a clue what was happening and I went into full active labour with the pain. No warm up bang straight in. I wasn’t in control I had no one to encourage me to breathe deeply as my contractions had such little time in between to focus and all I wanted was the drugs, which made me unaware of what was happening. I only came round when my baby was actually coming out which by the way I was pushing and screaming like crazy because that’s what I had seen in the movies right so why wouldn’t I do that.

So after the birth of my beautiful little boy there were many questions in my head. Why was I induced? Turns out hospital protocol once you have been in for a scan. Which I later found out I could have said no to if I had known I was allowed a voice. Why were my waters broken? To initiate labour but maybe if I had asked for more time this would have been avoided. Maybe my whole birth story could have different if I knew what I knew today – especially the screaming and panting to get my baby out so don’t watch birth on the tv!

I spent the next 8 years studying and teaching pre and post natal yoga, then spent a further 4 years studying and teaching Hypnobirthing by KGH and then my brand new course for the modern day mom, The Om Moms Hypnobirthing Toolbox.

I now teach women globally how to prepare for a better birthing experience.

Here you will find out exactly what you will be learning in each step of the course. You will also receive a bonus sample of the course where I explain exactly what Hypnobirthing is.

Enjoy a guided visualization with me and get your mind working and your body relaxing. Start your Hypnobirthing journey today!

Here are some testimonials from parents who have joined me in
person on my Hypnobirthing courses.

So when should I start Hypnobirthing?

My advice is earlier the better so a good gauge is when you start to think about birth and think eek i need to read, plan, do something, anything now.

You need time to listen to your audios as these are not a one off, these are daily during the later stages of pregnancy.

This is not an exam we are cramming for, this is your birth we are preparing for. So let me help you prepare and share your journey with me.

So what exactly is included in this online course?
It is split up into 4 Sessions

This is a course to be done by you when you have time and when you feel in the mood to do it. You can go back over things, re-watch and your all important Hypnobirthing breathing and relaxations are all on audio and in a video to help you as much as possible. What’s more they are set in the beautiful scenery of Scotland to enhance your relaxation as you transport yourself there in your mind as the visualisations are very beneficial for total relaxation as it helps you let go quicker.

This is also a course for both you and your birth partner. There is lots for them to do too so get them involved. Breathe, move and learn together.

Sesion One

The exact process for how to control your mind

which is your introduction to Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing where we look at the mind and how it works. For example how what we or others say affects our headspace and has the ability to change our entire day and outlook. We look at the mind body connection and how important it is to understand when the two work together effectively anything is possible. And if you don’t believe me let us chat after session one!

Sesion Two

The complete guide to relaxation

is all about the zen. Think breathing, think relaxation, think meditation and oh so much more. And don’t worry if you’re not the zen type there is something for everyone here from simple easy breathing techniques to long relaxations using guided imagery. You don’t have to be zen to do session two you just need an open mind to accept it. And if all things zen make you happy then get ready for a relaxing journey.

Session Three

The full guide on how to control your body for a better birth

is about your body. How it works, how it moves and what will make it work and move more efficiently to help you feel good in pregnancy and enhance your birthing experience. When our body feels good (even with a heavy bump) we feel good. That’s the mind body connection right there again mom. This section has everything you need to know from the pelvic floor health to yoga-ing your way into labour.

Session Four

Knowledge is power, full guide on what to expect before and after labour

is all about birth itself. Starting with before birth with birth plans and packing bags to contractions and how to breathe your baby out. A guide through labour and the different routes it may take. We will also look at after birth and the Golden hour (the magical hour after your baby has entered the world) just so you know it doesn’t stop as the baby is born. No, this is just the beginning!

Included in your course are your videos and audios in your
Hypnobirthing bundle.

This bundle will help you BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR.


Breathing techniques to use in pregnancy and for childbirth to CALM, BRING FOCUS, MAKE YOU IN CONTROL

Guided relaxation scripts to listen to throughout pregnancy and to labour with. Where the mind leads the body follows and these scripts will bring about a calm and confident mind. Your body in turn during labour will be calm and confident too!

Positive affirmations to affirm positivity in your mind and reduce negativity, fears and worries.

The breathing techniques, guided relaxations and positive affirmations are all in video and audio so you can watch and listen to increase your sensory awareness. Enjoy being transported to a place of peace and calm set in the Scottish highlands!

Once you start practicing you will feel as if a calm confidence has taken over your mind and body. Feel empowered as you practice your Hypnobirthing skills daily.

In this course you will
have access to:

  • 3 Breathing exercises to learn and be used in pregnancy and birth

  • 3 Guided Relaxation Hypnobirthing videos one for pregnancy, one for birth and one for fear release

  • Video of positive affirmations

  • PDF of positive affirmations

  • Birth plan template

  • Meditations to listen to in the course

  • Spotify playlist for birth

  • PDF of what to pack in your hospital bag

  • Videos on what to pack in your hospital bag

Bonus Content

Not only will you get everything above

To accompany this course are all your breathing videos, guided relaxation Hypnobirthing scripts and positive affirmations which by the end of the course will be part of your daily routine, all in one place to download and listen to easily. No messing around trying to find them inside the course, just press play.

There is also a Spotify playlist to ‘borrow’ from me. Listen to it in pregnancy maybe even when doing the course or maybe when doing the dishes you choose but get used to it and surround yourself with it just as you will your relaxation scripts.

And last but not least you have the opportunity to join The Om Moms to be EXCLUSIVE Hypnobirthing private global Facebook group to chat, ask Q’s and be part of a like minded community.

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